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Giyim DIY elbise Elbiseler Dikiş Desen kesme çizim BLQ-18

Giyim DIY elbise Elbiseler Dikiş Desen kesme çizim BLQ-18


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Etiketler: Ucuz Giyim DIY elbise Elbiseler Dikiş Desen kesme çizim BLQ 18, Yüksek Kalite Giyim DIY elbise Elbiseler Dikiş Desen kesme çizim BLQ-18, Çin Dikiş Desenleri Tedarikçiler.

Buy some sewing pattern, only one need to pay postage
《 Sell clothes sewing pattern, don\'t sell clothes 》
Notice: before buying
1. The commodity attribute: brand garment sewing pattern
2. Sewing pattern material: 45 grams of Swedish paper(white)
3. Packing: Plastic bags (each size and each style individually)
4. Products include: A. Sewing pattern.B. Packing bag.C. Style chart and Size table
5. Buy sewing pattern according to your size。 Each sewing pattern includes: Fabric pattern, Lining pattern (if this paragraph needs), adhesive lining pattern, Net board, sewing pattern including Seam.
6. How to use: after receiving the pattern, you only need to follow the pattern of cutting piece the outside line cutting, then according to the direction of fabric stitches and spread onto the cloth, and then according to the size of the cuttings pattern cutting material, after cutting can sew.
7. How to choose the size, you can according to the description of the size of the human body net confining dimension tables and garment size form size to choose their own needs and photographed, do not know how to choose the size, can send your own body net bust, such as net net net waist circumference and hip circumference size circumference size to the owner, (net confining human body size must be metrics, not too tight nor too loose), and told the owner need to design, and then contact the owner to help you choose size.
8. The pattern suit a crowd: sewing a certain basis, clothing DIY sewing enthusiasts, clothing customization shopkeeper, clothing company or factory.
9. The pattern is not suitable for the crowd: there is no sewing, never used needle and thread.
10. After-sales service: A. clothing patterns can be copied baby, once sold, not refund don\'t change, mind please don\'t buy.
B. You are in the process of using, there do not understand where the pattern, please contact us, we will try our best to help you
11. We sell is sewing patterns, no sewing tutorial pictures and video.
Dresses Sewing Pattern sample :
The human body net confining dimension measurement: SHOULDER Stand straight body, arms natural prolapse, with flexible rule close-fitting shoulder of measuring the distance between vertices. BUST Stand straight body, the flexible rule after chest high level measurement. WAIST On navel 2 cm, will flexible rule fitting measurement. HIP
Close your legs stand up straight, to pass through the hip high flexible rule level measurement. NET BODY SIZE:
Dresses Sewing Pattern sample NET BODY SIZE: APPAREL SIZE SPEC:

renk Sizes XS, Sizes 5XL, Sizes S, Sizes XL, Sizes 2XL, Sizes L, Sizes 3XL, Sizes M, Sizes 4XL
boyut None
cinsiyet Kadınlar
Model Numarası BLQ-18
Birim Tipi Set
Paket Boyutu 45cm x 35cm x 2cm (17.72in x 13.78in x 0.79in)

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